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yours truly, alanna

I believe that everything has an end

The fighting and the freedom

the dark and the light

I believe that there will be a day when no warplanes take flight

where kids will run and play

And no one will be able to their fun away

I believe that there will be a day when people will be able to see beyond their veil, beyond

the evils that the world allows to prevail

I believe there will be a day where Black and Brown women won't have to live in fear

that their house will be bombed

or that their family members have lost an ear

I have seen the day when all was lost in this world

Where children died

Parents cried

there is no food supply

Political leaders lied

teen girls were left severely blind

Mothers gave birth while missiles flew by

And we all turned a blind eye

and we all said

Thank God it's not us

Thank God we are safe

Thank God we live here

In a country that vetoes a ceasefire and supports genocide

And we all act like it is okay here

I believe there will come a day when it all ends

Where everything stops and blood is no longer being shed

I believe there where be a day when Palestine is free

the children will run and laugh and be well-fed

there will be food and water beyond what the eyes can see

Mothers will have safe births and bring life in places with functioning lights and amenities

Men will leave their homes and know that their families are ensured safety

I believe it will all end soon

I believe it because the oppressor cannot have their cake and eat it too

I believe The Revolution will be loud and I believe it is coming soon

Your’s truly,

Alanna Mia Cordero


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