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yours truly, ivy

Doing my makeup in the morning has become a ritual.

When it comes to the performance in which I paint my face with products I have perfected, due to the hunt for them for the last six years of my life, I take it very personally.

Doing my makeup allows me to escape reality and delve into my deepest thoughts, or sit back and watch a YouTube video that ignites inspiration in me.

I have touched my face with the art of makeup since seventh grade. Although makeup was not allowed in middle school due to dresscode conducts, I went against those and first experimented with mascara and eyebrow pencils. At the time, having your eyebrows defined and clean was the trend, and I followed. Experimenting with these two products as my first taste of makeup had me realize that my eyelashes were not as thick and long as I had wished them to be. The research for eyelash serums had begun.

As I began highschool, I continued to do my eyebrows and play with different mascara products, but I also began to touch foundation and concealer– the paint of makeup products. As the years went on and trends changed, I messed with eyeliner for a more dramatic look. This took place in the time of Covid. Being in my house for the majority of the year, I began to perfect my eyeliner skills. I did straight wings, cut wings, or even double wings. Looking back now I do not feel the need for those looks as I feel more pretty naturally, but I was bored.

In more recent years I have found myself doing intricate, yet natural looks. I use products all of the above, consisting of concealer, blush, contour, powder, eyebrow gel, mascara, et cetera. Now even though I am using many more products than in my past, my looks tend to remain more subtle and sweet. This is where I feel my makeup routine has become a ritual for me. I feel there is calculation in where you place your concealer, blush, and contour. In order for me to feel like I have perfected my makeup routine, it took a lot of practice and research to understand the shape of my face, and how to apply those makeup products to enhance my features I have been gifted with.

When it comes to the ritual of my makeup routine, I set up my desk with all my products I will be using in order. I am accompanied by my iced coffee, and typically music that fits the mood of the weather that morning, or a YouTube video picked to perfection. Now to some this may sound absurd and time consuming, but it is what I look forward to most in my day. It is my most tranquil state, as I typically have very busy days ahead of me. My makeup routine has become a ritual for me, and I practice it every single day.

Yours Truly,

Ivy <3


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