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yours truly, jenn

Each month, everyone has something to look forward to or to acknowledge. For me, that month is September. September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month and to me that holds a special place in my heart. In 2014, I lost my aunt and best friend to Ovarian cancer. After 10 years of battling the illness, her time had finally come to an end.

Six months prior to her death, she was not feeling too well and went to her doctor at Brigham and Women's Hospital at Boston, which she was very familiar with. Later on in the day, my parents had got a phone call from her saying that her cancer had come back and it was now terminal, she only had about six more months to live. Her and my uncle came over that night as my sister and I could not stop crying. We piled in my room on my little twin bed all sobbing as my aunt did not have 1 tear in her eye. She proceeded to say that no matter what happened she would always be there for us. We all knew how much she had gone through the past ten years but now it was finally going to reach the end.

After ongoing treatments, her hair once fell out again after growing it all back. Her energy levels began to decrease, but none of this stopped her. She continued to work as Vice President at Boston’s Children’s Hospital, a place that she called her second home. During this time, she also completed her Ph.D. in nursing at Boston College. After all these accomplishments she made throughout her life, the disease finally took control. Nothing she ate would stay down, her breathing became forced, and a harsh cough took over. Finally on August 28th, 2014, my Aunt Pat passed away.

As the 7th anniversary of my aunt’s passing just passed, I still think about her every day. She is the reason for my chosen career path and gave me so much inspiration. Because of her, I try my best every day and try to treat everyone with kindness and respect, as she always did.


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