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yours truly, bella

A parents love is the most beautiful thing I've experienced. Growing up I made memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. Whether it's running in the sprinklers with my older brother for hours or my dad saving me from falling off my bike down a steep hill. The things my parents taught me created a foundation and belief system of how I should be treated and my self worth. I will always look up to them for giving me what they didn't have growing up. If I didn't grow up with the support system I did, I wouldn't be the person I am today or gotten through the things I have without the skills Ive gained from being their daughter.

At this point I guess Im considered an adult. Its hard to see the affect me growing up has on my parents.. I almost want to stay young forever. Obviously that's not possible but growing up has also taught me that just because bad or uncomfortable things happen doesn't mean it won't be okay again. Going through some of the hard things my mother has gone through as well has made us relate to each other and understand each other. The way my dad is always there for me gives me the security and confidence to go out and be on my own in college.

This is a love letter to my parents who deserve this diary entry about me to be about the people who made me me. 18 years of constant love, support, protection, and lessons. The rest of my life I will try to make them proud with what Ive learned from them. Im excited to see the person I will be in the future. To the person who also made me who I am today, my older brother Nicolas. You've taught me how to get through things and be strong, how to have fun, and how to be myself. I hope to be half the person you are in my relationships and work. Throughout all these relationships, Ive learned how to love as a daughter, a sibling, and a friend.

Two years ago, I went through something every girl hopes not to go through. At first I went through it alone. This affected my relationships and my mood towards relationships. I became untrusting and irritable. Telling my parents was the scariest part. I knew they would support me and love me just like they did my whole life. Telling them meant I had to deal with it and use the skills Ive learned when all I wanted was to do the opposite and ignore it. I was nervous to hurt them by telling them what I had been through. I accepted that the both of us had the skills to get through this together. So..two years later. Im in college halfway across the country and regardless of how far I am from Hawaii to New York. We are disconnected by distance but connected by both using these skills to grow and continue to get through this change and event from two years ago. Again, to my brother looking up to you as you went through this adjustment in college helped me see how to get through it as well.

Yours Truly,



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