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  • Brenna McNamara

yours truly, brenna

Going into Thanksgiving break, I have been really stressed. My professors loaded up on tests and homework. Although, after celebrating a really big milestone this past weekend, it has reminded me to always maintain balance. Whether it be exercising, eating healthy, going out, or doing schoolwork. Balance is so important as it advocates self sufficiency and prepares us for for future work. For instance, getting work done earlier allows for more time to destress with your friends and prevents procrastination.

Recently, I haven't been very balanced. I have procrastinated work and slept through my days. Although I am prepared to come back from Thanksgiving with a new routine and mindset to get through finals. Some tips I have found useful in the past are getting work done early, going to bed early, working out, and eating healthy. All of these tips lead to a healthy mind and body and translates when it comes to grades and work. Also, it is healthy to set goals. For example, getting an internship, getting good grades, or setting up an apartment for the following year.

In addition to techniques that I've found to be useful in maintaining a healthy mind and body, I am sooo excited to be home for Thanksgiving and winter break. It allows me to forget about academic responsibilities for a little bit of time before jumping back in for the spring semester. Plus, I will be able to spend time with my family; watching college basketball, annoying my brother, driving around with my cousin, and working out with my sister. All in all, this past year has taught me that without some sort of balance, I am missing out on academic and social opportunities. So, I am challenging myself this year to create opportunities and take advantage of them.


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