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yours truly, sam

Lately all I can seem to think about is lasts. My last run to New Riv for my morning coffee. My last chat with my favorite professors in between classes. My last time returning from An Beal with my friends eating snacks and watching tv when we should be sleeping and preparing for our Friday morning classes. I am acutely aware of how everything is coming to an end.

At first it seemed slow. We had so much time to do things we always wanted to and to keep up with our favorite traditions. Until fall semester bled into spring semester and Manhatty’s day passed and Spring Break came and went. 

Everything is moving at a rapid fire pace. Too fast. Too real. Too soon.

Soon I will cross the stage and get my diploma. Something I have dreamed about since I was a little girl. The end is so close yet it does not feel as sweet as I always imagined it too. I ache for the freshman girl who was so scared to leave home. The girl who could barely manage a sleepover she missed her parents so much. She had no clue the magic she would experience in four short years. She was so scared to become me and I am so envious of her. Having no clue of the experiences she is about to endure.

What I would give to have four more years with my favorite people.

With leaving, you begin to think about what you will miss. I will miss Tuesday night chapters I always complain about going to, yet spend the whole time with a smile on my face surrounded by my favorite girls. I will miss darty’s and singing Taylor Swift with strangers at an outrageously loud rate. I’ll miss seeing friends on the Quad and having class crushes. The way my heart beats before a Thirsty Thursday and the way my head pounds on a Saturday Morning. Bed rotting with my best friends on a Sunday and watching god awful TV on Mondays. I’ll miss every moment, big and small. The nostalgia sinks in as I replay my favorite moments. The boys I loved, the friends I adore and the best friends who will be Bridesmaids at my wedding. What a special thing to love a place so much saying goodbye causes you such deep pain.  As a soon to be alum I do have some unsolicited advice. Cherish it. Every moment. Every too long lecture and 8 a.m. lab. The walks to Fens in the freezing cold and the Lee hall dorm room pre games. The night class you always want to skip and the kiki’s in the Kelly Commons nook. Every mundane moment matters in the end because it is a part of you and your story here. And I sincerely thank everyone who was a part of my story here.

Yours truly,



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