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yours truly, alyssa

Lately, I’ve been treating all of my online classes like a low-budget Netflix series. Whether it be a result of actually watching too much TV or being deprived of any real human interaction, I’ve somehow created a separate reality where everyone in my class are characters in a Wattpad-esque sitcom that takes place in a virtual classroom during the peak of a pandemic.

Twice a week, I log into google meet to watch a new episode of my favorite “series” CMPT368-01. Most of the people in this class are in a big group chat-- this is where most of the dialogue and character development takes place. It's kind of like watching a foreign film, you can see whats going on (on google meet) but you have the subtitles (on the group chat) to actually understand it. Am I sounding crazy yet? This is the type of thing that my mind resorts to in order to preserve its own sanity but also is a result of lack thereof. The best is when I’m able to chime into the group chat and see how all of these characters react to what I have to say.

Mind you, I’ve never actually met or hung out with any of these people, so my image of them is only what is presented on-screen. The climax of each episode usually consists of the teacher raising his voice and calling on people due to the lack of focus and participation- something I’m clearly guilty of. This segment always sparks a chain of reactions and memes in the group chat from some of my favorite characters, who you can see stifling laughs through their webcams on google meet.

While the thought of any of these people finding this and realizing I’m completely nuts makes me want to delete everything I just wrote, I can’t help but share how much it’s helped me bring myself to actually attend class, especially when I can barely get out of bed sometimes. It’s something that I think is funny and entertaining but at the same time makes me more attentive and, dare I say, strive to be a better student. Something I find almost equally as amusing is how unaware these characters, my classmates, are about how much they affected me. It really goes to show that at the end of the day it’s the little things, the little interactions that I hold on to the most and perhaps too tightly.

yours truly,



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